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Fighter Verse App Review by Catholic Apps

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Top 9 Stupidest Apps Ever Made

These are the stupidest apps we could find in the app store. These apps should not be available for download even, yet there are people using them! Subscribe ...

Pocket Catholic Android App

This is a video demonstrating the functionality of the Pocket Catholic App. It allows users to search and reference common Catholic prayers, set up a prayer list ...

Conclave App review by Catholic Apps for Conclave 2013 (Papal Election)

The best Catholic Apps

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Need To Confess? Use An App

Apple has created a new app, backed by the Catholic church, that helps users with the process of confession.

My Catholic iPhone


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Best phone apps for Catholics on the move

In the age of digital communication, applications can be found for our mobile devices to fill every taste or interest. And in the sea of applications, there are ...

Catholic Courses MP3 App from

Hours of lectures in subjects such as Thomistic Philosophy, Moral Theology, the Saints, Political Theory, Scripture, and more.

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